It’s my way of telling a story, my story, Singapore’s story.

Designed in Singapore, Photo Phactory encapsulates Singapore’s rich heritage and history through colourful prints on various lifestyle products and souvenirs.

Inspired by vivid and colourful images of Singapore’s various precincts, Valley Arora founded Photo Phactory. This is her ‘Singapore Story’ captured through her photography and she showcases the rich heritage of this little red dot through her photographic prints.


The design inspiration for all the Photo Phactory’s lifestyle products and merchandise is born from the designer’s desire to blend lifestyle product innovation with the unique Singapore culture. It’s a way of connecting to the past and at the same time, to create designs and objects of our own day and age. So, taking elements of the old and creating it anew is something she found very meaningful. The essence that constitute Photo Phactory’s design philosophy are totally reflective of Singapore’s diverse culture, customs and ancestry.


The Heritage Shophouses and Peranakan Tiles stood out to her immediately - delightful, historical and full of old-world charm. The colours and patterns of the tiles speak of the Peranakan’s love for beauty and grandeur. She feels that in a modern-day Singapore, this vanishing culture brings so much colour, vibrance and beauty. As a photographer and designer, and working towards preserving this declining culture, most of her collections are inspired by these retro shophouses and Peranakan tiles.


From souvenirs to ‘Made in Singapore’ items, Photo Phactory has got a whole range of quintessentially Singaporean merchandise that would be perfect for a festivity gift, a Singapore souvenir, a parting gift for a Friend or as a keepsake for yourself.

Photo Phactory’s products which ranges from Silk scarves to Serving trays to Clutch bags, Coasters, Cushion covers and Canvas prints, they all aim to preserve a sense of identity in ever-changing Singapore’s landscape and is a unique way to preserve Singapore’s rich heritage and history.

Photography is a passion that has taken me to where I am in life as of now.

My preferred styles are portraiture and creative photography, and I believe that to really take a timeless portrait, you need to get to know the person or people you are capturing, making the shoot in itself a truly unique and personal experience, not only for the subject, but for the photographer too. I've realised that Photography can be more than just a passion and a dream; it can become my profession with skills for life.

Someone could ask Why Photography? Photography is the medium which allows us to show our own point of view, sometimes helps us to understand the world we live in and to discover something new about ourselves. Photography is like a passion, sometimes it is like a deeply concealed mystery, sometimes it gives us a chance to see what is invisible, hidden deep in our dreams. It is like desire; always bringing a joy. Photography as any other medium of art evokes emotions in us, asks questions and forces us to reflect on the world around us.


I am self-taught in both photography and retouch. I get inspiration from all things around me. Anything from things I see in my daily life to other artist's work and photography. I think it's a lot about looking at the world from a different perspective. 

Turning your favorite photo into an instant work of art with photo products is amazing and unique. 

​It brings life to your photograph. Whether it’s the iconic landmarks or the scenic beauty of nature or Peranakan history of Singapore, these wide range of products are perfect for a festivity gift, a Singapore souvenir or a parting gift for a Friend.

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